ARCHIVES Cascade Library and Guide Posts - Archives for gen fan fiction for The Sentinel
If you like h/c, angst and/or smarm (and can produce an original TS story, snippet, poem or image every two months), as well as nice listsibs, Sentinelangst is the place to be!
Spejaren - The only (?) mailinglist for Swedish speaking TS fans.
Rafelist - If you, like me, am a RAFEBABE, here's a list focused on this character.
disability-fanfic - a multi fandom mailinglist for fic where one or more of the main characters has a disabilty.s on the web - The web page of the newsgroup
PERSONAL PAGES Becky's Sentinel Page - Good place to start [Hi Becky!]
Kimberly Workman's TS Pages - Great fic and a lot of other great things.

I haven't come this far on this listing yet. There are many other link pages out there that I don't want to copy. Anyway, if you're a friend of mine and want me to have a link to your page, please let me know!


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