Spare Parts MS



Spoliers: Spare Parts (d'oh) and Remembrance.

<<actual transcript>>

This takes place right after "the Kiss".

<<Blair giggled and said, "Hey, Jim. That's my mom."

Jim looked at Blair and smiled, "Yeah, aren't you lucky.">>

After having closed the door behind him, Jim pressed the elevator button. Soon a 'ding' announced that the elevator had arrived on his floor. He entered it, and got lost in thought. *You sure is lucky, Chief. At least you seem to have a good relationship with your mother.*

The elevator reached ground floor, and Jim stepped out, still lost in thought. *When my mother left, we weren't even allowed to talk about her. I guess that for a while I forgot she'd ever been a part of my life. Not that I blame her for leaving dad, but me and Steven? What had we done? Did she know I was...different? It would be so good to find answers to my questions, but she could be dead by now for all I know.*

When he reached his truck, Jim put the thoughts of his mother far away in the back of his head, where they usually stayed.


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