No warnings, the story is PG and (hopefully) contains a bit of Jimangst.

Senses of spring
by Ceci

It assaulted his senses, one by one. His eyes hurt from the green and
yellow light, the cascade of colors that seemed to be everywhere. His ears
ached with all the noises filling the air. The sharp rocks felt like needles
under his feet, and the multitude of scents nearly overpowered him and made
it almost impossible for him to breathe. He knew now that he should have
been more careful, that strawberry he had just eaten had a taste that was
too much for him to handle.

Through the sensory onslaught, he heard a voice. It was Blair,
saying, "Isn't it wonderful, Jim?"

Jim just groaned. He didn't like it at all, he didn't like it one bit.
Spring was way overrated.