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Disclaimer: Jim & Blair and the other TS characters were created and are owned by Danny Bilson & Paul DeMeo at Pet Fly (I think that UPN and SciFI may own some part of them too). But I think I’m taking good care of them at the moment ;) If the series comes back with new eps and all, the guys will be returned in mint condition. If it doesn't… Then I can’t make any such promises. <j/k>

No profit is being made, and no copyright infringement is intended or should be inferred. Don't sue me, I'm just a poor disabled woman with a hungry cat! Speaking of copyright... The characters may not all be mine, but the stories sure are.

My beta'd stories are marked with a B. *thanks the betas* When you read my stories, please bear in mind that English isn't my first language.

Just another little word of warning: Some of these stories contain permanent disabilities.

The fic marked with a * are exclusives to Sentinelangst (hereafter called SA), a TSFF list I'm on - in order to read those stories, you'll have to join the list.

Also feel free to check out my artwork!

There. Enjoy. And remember to tell me what you think. Here's a quote for you:

"...if you wish to give admonition or advice, let it be offered in such a way that it will not burden the hearer." - 'Abdu'l-Bahá

Now, let's get on with it before you change your mind ;-)  

  A Change of Worlds NEW! Blair gets some bad news [May 17, 2004]
B Scars Rafe reveals some secrets about himself to Blair. [November 23, 2002]
  Senses of Spring Jim reacts to spring. [May 21, 2002]
B Feels like home The guys hear a Christmas song they can relate to. [Dec. 25, 2001]
  Night Terrors Jim has a nightmare. [Nov. 15, 2000] Written for Lauranna on SA & Spejaren-listan.
  Spare Parts MS Naomi makes Jim think. [July 1, 2000]
  Mourning Becomes.... Someone very close to Blair causes him grief. [May 7, 2000]
  Backache The beginning of my AU series "Self-serving, spineless goober". Blairpain ahead. [January 18, 2000] UPDATED Jun. 29, 2002
  Poem [January 8, 2000]
  Always on my mind Just a (very) short piece of Jimthoughts. [1999, but posted Mar 21, 2002]
  Wind Beneath My Wings* Jim lets Blair know his feelings for him (remember: gen) [Dec. 27, 1999]
B Finding Out* Post TSbyBS: Something happens to Jim that helps Blair make a decision. [Nov. 10, 1999]
  Fruit Salad Blair passes out in front of some of the Major Crime guys. (In loving memory of Julie Goldwyn) [Oct. 30, 1999]
B A Bestowed Gift Blair receives an e-mail that makes both Jim and himself think about some of the deeper things in life. [Oct.22, 1999]
B You Set Me Free An epilogue to the episode Prisoner X. [Sep. 13, 1999]
B Please Pick Up the Nearest Netphone* At O'Hare airport, Blair hears something you don't want to hear.... Answer to a RL challenge on SA. [Jul. 28, 1999]
  Fan Fiction Blair & Jim discover TS fanfic... [Jun. 29, 1999] UPDATED Jun. 29, 2002!
  How am I Supposed to Live Without You Blair has left, and Jim tries to handle it. [Before June 26, 1999] WARNING! My first TS story, a bit...over-exaggerated, one might say. <g>
You think I wouldn't put a pic of Rafe here? Well, I *am* the Second Rafebabe and I founded the Rafelist.... :-)

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