As usual, the story’s not been beta’d.

Thanks: To DeMeo & Bilson for coming up with it all, as well as to certain writers of Senfic and my muse Joy "Mary Sue" Raines S. for the inspiration

You know the drill: "The characters in this story belong to... yadda yadda yadda." (Pet Fly/UPN)


by Ceci


It was a rainy Saturday in Cascade. Jim was reading a book, while Blair was surfing the Internet. Suddenly, without taking his eyes off the screen, Blair mumbled, "Hey, Jim…"

Jim looked up from his book. "Yeah, Chief?" Blair turned around to look at Jim, terror in his eyes. Jim noticed that his Guide’s heartbeat had increased. "You’d better get over here, man."

Jim went into Blessed Protector mode. "Why? Hey, what’s wrong, Chief? You look as if you’ve seen a ghost or something."

Blair drew a hand through his hair. "Well… Just take a look at that, man! I did a search for ‘Sentinel’ on Alta Vista, and… This was one of the search results."

Jim couldn't believe what he was seeing – a picture of Blair and himself standing next to each other in the door to Major Crimes. "But… That’s ME! And YOU!"

Blair nodded. "Yeah. Freaky, huh? Seems as if they know a lot – perhaps everything – about us."

Jim scrolled the page down, then came to a halt. He couldn’t believe what he was reading. "Hey, what’s this? They say there’s a TV show called ‘The Sentinel’…"

Blair looked up, realization in his eyes. "Maybe it’s like ‘The Truman Show’!"

Jim had a confused look on his face. "The what?"

Blair sighed. "Hey, don’t you remember that movie with Jim Carrey as that guy whose life is a TV series?"

"Oh, yeah, that. So you’re telling me our lives is a TV series?"

Blair noded. "Looks like it. See the episode guide here? The episode ‘Cypher’ is about the Lash case."

"This is creepy, Chief. But I want to know more about this. Click ‘Random’ on the web ring there…"

"OK." Blair clicked, and when the new page loaded, he just stared at the screen, in shock. "Oh, man…"

Jim looked at the screen in surprise for a moment, then he gave a small smile. "‘The Blair Angst Fiction Page’. Gee… Let’s see what this is."

A couple of hours later, both men sat in front of the computer, slight shock on their faces. Jim looked at his friend. "You OK, Chief?"

Blair looked into his eyes, with a sudden flash of anger on his face. "You're asking me if I’m OK? We’ve just read stuff where I’m being beaten, kicked, stabbed, tortured and God knows what else – and you’re asking me if I’m OK? Of course I’m not OK! I’m scared shitless! What if she’s one of the writers for the series?"

Jim, who had been holding Blair’s shoulder in a firm grip for some time, now took him into a firm embrace. "Haven’t you paid attention, Blair? She’s a fan and writes fan fiction. It won’t happen to you, Chief. I won’t let it. Remember in the stories that I managed to save you every time?"

Blair noded and returned the hug. "I must admit that I like the parts where you comfort me though… But I’m still scared, Jim. What if these people stop writing and forget about us. Will we still exist?"

Jim released his grip on Blair. "One – they won’t stop. Two – the series has been cancelled – at least temporarily – and we’re still around, aren’t we?"

Blair sighed. "Yes, Jim. We are." He clicked the web ring’s random link, and after looking for a while on the contents on the page, he turn to Jim again. "Hey, look. There’s a link to ‘Slash senfic’ on this page."

Jim turned the computer off, looking sternly at his friend. "Let’s not go there, Sandburg."

THE END --- SLUT (this is the Swedish word for "end", I kid you not.)